Merz North America Grants and Giving Program

grants_BMerz North America is committed to its products by providing meaningful support to the physicians who use them and to the patients who benefit from them.

Through the Grants and Giving Program, Merz administers funding for commercial program support, educational programs, corporate charitable giving, and investigator-initiated research, each of which is reviewed and approved via an independent review and approval process.


Commercial Program Support

When considering applications for commercial support, Merz focuses on the sponsorship of healthcare-related programs in the areas of aesthetics, and neurosciences, including patient education, exhibit opportunities, and scientific and industry meetings.

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Medical Education Programs

Merz North America funds educational activities that maintain and develop the knowledge, skill, and proficiency of healthcare professionals who treat patients within the specialties that we serve.

With this goal in mind, Merz provides grants for both accredited and independent educational programs. Merz offers sponsorship of educational programs for healthcare practitioners that provide credit toward ongoing medical educational requirements and independent medical educational programs, such as residency and fellowship programs.

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Corporate Charitable Giving

Merz North America engages in healthcare-related charitable giving in support of a number of programs and organizations associated with aesthetics, and neurosciences. Merz makes contributions to support the charitable activities and projects of registered tax-exempt organizations in our local communities.

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Investigator-Initiated Studies

Merz North America accepts unsolicited applications for investigator-initiated studies (IIS), which must be written, conducted, analyzed, and reported by the investigator. The investigator assumes all responsibility as the sponsor of the study, as defined by regulation.

Pending final approval by our Grants and Giving Committee, Merz may choose to provide support for such trials in a variety of ways, including by provision of drug/device, financial, or other study-related aid.

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